Valerie Hollingsworth Baker

25th International President

of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated

Valerie Hollingsworth Baker was elected as the 25th International President of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated in July 2018. Previously, she served as the National First Vice-President overseeing the sorority’s membership functions..

Valerie is a Diamond Life Member who has shown her dedication to Zeta since her induction in 1982, and has held numerous positions on the local, state, regional, and national levels of the organization, including the Atlantic Regional Director, Chairman of the National Executive Board and National Director of Strategic Planning. She was a member of the originating Zeta Organizational Leadership committee.

Scholarship is a principle that Valerie holds in high regard having graduated from York Institute as the class valedictorian at the age of fourteen, and being accepted into ten of the nation’s top universities. At the age of eighteen, she received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Fordham University where she majored in child psychology with a minor in theater and drama.

The Brooklyn, New York native is the Director of the Inforce Systems Division for New York Life Insurance Company in New York City, responsible for managing multi-million-dollar projects and programs, training personnel, and overseeing new product development as the chief administrator of one the company’s major subsystems. She has been recognized in the International “Who’s Who of Information and Technology” and “Outstanding Women of America” publications.

Valerie is an active member of Delta Mu Zeta chapter in Harlem, and resides in Brooklyn with her soul mate and best friend Douglas Baker. These words shared by her mentor Founder Fannie Pettie Watts are a daily driving force for Valerie – “Be the best you can be, do the best that you can, give the best of yourself, and you will go far.” She hopes Founder Watts is looking down on her with a smile from above, because she is proud of her accomplishments.

Soror Gina M. Merritt-Epps, Esq.

Atlantic Regional Director

The 17th Atlantic Regional Director was initiated into Mu Eta chapter at Pennsylvania State University in 1987. She currently is an active member of Xi Tau Zeta chapter in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and is a Diamond Life Member and Founders’ Society Member. She has served the sorority in several capacities, including her most recent service as the Sorority’s first National Director of Risk Management. In that role, she drafted the first Risk Management Policies for the Sorority and Amicae auxiliary, created the risk training program, and is now charged with creating the Risk Management Certification process. She also served as a member of the Zeta Organizational Leadership (ZOL) Steering Committee, the 13th New Jersey State Director, and previously was the parliamentarian for the Atlantic Region and the State of New Jersey.

A graduate of the Pennsylvania State University and Howard University School of Law, professionally, RD Merritt-Epps is an attorney and corporate governance professional. Her areas of expertise include the protection of information, corporate compliance and ethics, regulatory compliance, and Board processes.

She is admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court, the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey, the Supreme Court of New Jersey, and the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Soror Merritt-Epps is a member of the Society for Corporate Governance and the former chair of the Diversity Task Force, and board and finance committee member of the AtlantiCare Regional Health System. Soror Merritt-Epps is married to Michael C. Epps, Esq., and the mother of Taylor M. Epps, and is the aunt of Soror Danielle N. Epps.

Amber D. Koiner, CPA

New York State Director’s Bio

The 15th State Director was initiated into Delta Mu Zeta chapter in Manhattan, New York in the Spring of 2005. She is currently an active member of Kappa Epsilon Zeta chapter in the Bronx, where she served on its executive board for eight (8) years. A Centennial Life Member and Heritage Level Visionary Donor, she most recently served the Sorority concurrently as State Tamias, Chapter Tamias, and also First Financial Officer of the Kappa Epsilon Zeta Scholarship Fund. In her role as State Tamias, SD Koiner implemented the transition from manual recordkeeping to a permanent cloud-based digital solution for efficiently tracking the state’s financial health, create standardization in reporting, and provide an enhanced level of transparency. She is certified through the Zeta Organizational Leadership (ZOL) training program.

A graduate of CUNY’s Bernard M. Baruch College, professionally, SD Koiner is a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA). SD Koiner is currently engaged as a Partner at an international accounting firm managing a large staff, and her prior experience in Corporate America includes past employment at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Her areas of executive expertise include design and implementation of financial systems, financial controls, budgeting, forecasting and auditing. She is a member of the AICPA, and the National Association of Professional Women. Soror Koiner actively attends Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn, NY with her family. She is married to Connis E. Koiner (Member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc). and is mother of two energetic boys, Connis the 5th and Jackson Isaiah.



New York State Elected Officers Contact Information

2018 -2020

Sorors Lael M. Pierce
(Kappa Xi Zeta)

Theresa Patterson
(Delta Beta Zeta)

Juliahann Washington
(Iota Theta Zeta)

Tomasina Cook
(Kappa Upsilon Zeta)


State Representative to the Regional Nominating Committee
Dominique Luke
(Omicron Epsilon Zeta)


State Representative to the Regional Election Committee
G. Joanne Yard
(Delta Mu Zeta)






New York State Appointments 2020 – 2022

Officer Title Officer Name E-mail Chapter
Adopt-A-School Caroline McClendon nysadoptaschoolrep@gmail.com Psi Omega Zeta
Amicae Coordinator Zenda Smith nysamicaecoordinator2016@gmail.com Delta Mu Zeta
Autism Awareness Coordinator Anita Cox nyzeta.autismaware@gmail.com Kappa Xi Zeta
Awards Jennifer Jackson nysawardscoordinator@gmail.com Kappa Epsilon Zeta
Budget & Finance Coordinator Sharlina Goveia nysbudgetchaircoordinator@gmail.com Delta Beta Zeta
Budget & Finance Co-Coordinator Nkong A. Tankeng nyzetabudgetcoord2@gmail.com Alpha Alpha Omega Zeta
Cancer Awareness and Prevention Monica R. Jackson nyscancerprevcoord@gmail.com Nu Psi Zeta
Chapter Management & Development Beverly Tatham nyszetachaptermgtdev1@gmail.com Sigma Kappa Zeta
Chapter Management & Development Dr. Debernee Privott nyszetachaptermgtdev3@gmail.com Omicron Epsilon Zeta
Chapter Management & Development Loraine Richardson McCray nyszetachaptermgtdev2@gmail.com Delta Beta Zeta
Chief of Staff Keisha Alleyne newyorkstatecos@gmail.com Sigma Kappa Zeta
Co-Historian Lynn Wills nyszpbhistorian@gmail.com Kappa Epsilon Zeta
Demographics Felecia Chatman nyszetademographics@gmail.com Alpha Alpha Upsilon Zeta
Domestic Violence Prevention Coordinator Mona El-Shahat zetanysdvcoord@gmail.com
Phi Zeta Zeta
Domestic Violence Prevention Co-Coordinator Carla Facey zetanysdvcoord1@gmail.com Psi Omega Zeta
Doves Tamara N. Weathers nysdovecoordinator@gmail.com Nu Phi Zeta
Elder Care Tamara N. Weathers nyseldercarecoordinator1@gmail.com
Nu Phi Zeta
Executive Assistant Libranece Ayala nyszeta.ea1@gmail.com Kappa Epsilon Zeta
Executive Assistant Tomilola Morakinyo nyszeta.ea2@gmail.com Kappa Epsilon Zeta
Finer Womanhood Coordinator Leona Willis nystate.fwo.coord@gmail.com Sigma Nu Zeta
Geographical Coordinator (Manhattan, The Bronx, Westchester) Ebony McLean nysgeocoordarea1.emclean@gmail.com Delta Mu Zeta
Geographical Coordinator (Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island) Alicia Tutt Geocoordatutt@gmail.com Iota Theta Zeta
Geographical Coordinator (Midstate) Dominique Luke madamgeocoordluke@gmail.com Omicron Epsilon Zeta
Geographical Coordinator (Upstate) Dr. Najah Salaam Jennings-Bey upstategeocoordinator@gmail.com Psi Omega Zeta
Girl Trek Rebekah Severe nyzetagirltrek@gmail.com Delta Alpha Zeta
Historian Rita Woods rfw673@aol.com Delta Beta Zeta
Legacies Coordinator Ashley Grimes nyszetalegacies1920@gmail.com Kappa Xi Zeta
License Plates Nana Anane nyslpc@gmail.com Sigma Kappa Zeta
Life Members Oredola Edwards nyslifemembercoordinator@gmail.com Delta Mu Zeta
Mental Health Briana Scott nyzetamentalhealth@gmail.com Delta Mu Zeta
MOD Programs Deven Tribble nysmarchofdimespgms@gmail.com Alpha Alpha Omega Zeta
National Education Foundation Representative Ryushique Bonner nyszetanefrep@gmail.com Alpha Alpha Omega Zeta
Newsletter Editor Sheila Rayam nyzeta.newsletter@gmail.com
Theta Alpha Zeta
Newsletter Co-Coordinator Patrice Ward nyzeta.newsletter2@gmail.com Nu Phi Zeta
Protocol & Rituals Tasha Garcia nysproritcoordinator@gmail.com Delta Mu Zeta
Public Relations Jovana Gilkes nyszetapublicrelations@gmail.com Sigma Kappa Zeta
Reclamation Wanda Julien NYSZetaReclamation@gmail.com Delta Beta Zeta
Scholarships Dominique D. Barker nysscholarship@gmail.com Kappa Upsilon Zeta
Social Action Keisha Alleyne socialactionnys@gmail.com Sigma Kappa Zeta
Social Media & Website Ironda Lynce nyszetamedia@gmail.com
Tau Gamma Zeta
SOP Coordinator Latrice Walker NYSSOPcoord@gmail.com Sigma Kappa Zeta
Special Events Coordinator Noelyn Rodney nysspecialeventscoord@gmail.com Rho Omega Zeta
Special Events Co-Coordinator Grace M. Clarke nysspecialeventscoord2@gmail.com Delta Mu Zeta
Stork’s Nest Coordinator Dr. Tracy Webber nyszetastorksnestcoord@gmail.com Psi Omega Zeta
Undergrad Relations – Downstate Méta Morrison downstateundergradrelations@gmail.com Kappa Epsilon Zeta
Undergrad Relations – Upstate CeCoria Hardy upstateundergradrelations@gmail.com
Psi Omega Zeta
US Fish and Wildlife Liason Juli-Ann Heron nys.usfwliason@gmail.com Rho Omega Zeta
Visual Identity Coordinator Ebony Roundtree nysvisualidentitycoord@gmail.com Phi Zeta Zeta
Youth Coordinator Chandel Marion-Brown nysyouthcoordinator2@gmail.com Phi Zeta Zeta
Youth Co-Coordinator Corrissa Faber nysyouthcoordinator3@gmail.com Delta Alpha Zeta
Z-HOPE Coordinator Cecilia Prichard nys.zhope@gmail.com Delta Mu Zeta
Z-HOPE Co-Coordinator Andrea Bernard nys.zhope2@gmail.com Kappa Xi Zeta
Zeta-Sigma Liaison Deidre Holland NYZetaSigmaLiaison@gmail.com Phi Zeta Zeta
Zetas Have Heart Chantell Brown nyszetashaveheart@gmail.com Gamma Xi Zeta
Zeta Male Network Coordinator Sheila Harris nys.zmn.coordinator@gmail.com Delta Alpha Zeta